Chen Wedding

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It all started when...

Roger and I met during a summer research program in Nashville. Content to focus on work and exploring a new city for the summer, we weren’t looking for love. As with many love stories, it took very little time to realize that our newly found friendship might have greater potential. We were inseparable for two months. When the summer ended, our careers placed us 600 miles apart.

However, we were destined to bridge that distance. For the next six years, we shared our lives together through phone calls, texts, email, airplanes, and somehow had many adventures along the way. As our lives and our families and our friends became intertwined with love, the physical distance shortened and we knew it was time to bring everyone together.

We had so much help in planning this special day to celebrate our love. We were able to create a wonderful celebration for our friends and family who traveled from near and far. We remain thankful for all of the talented professionals who contributed to our amazing wedding. It was blast working with everyone and we wouldn’t change any of the memories. The photographs taken by Taylor Zorzi and his team helped us capture forever the spirit and happiness of our day. We couldn’t be happier!


During the wedding planning process, I felt clueless on how find a photographer to help us on our wedding day. Taylor Zorzi came highly recommended by my wedding planner. As soon as described how I would like to remember the day, she said “you need to work with Taylor”... and she was correct. Taylor was extremely kind, fun and professional from the very beginning. On the day of our wedding, he was very laid back and helped everyone have fun taking wonderful photos each step of the way. He caught beautiful candid moments throughout the event, exactly as I had hoped. The photos from our wedding captured the day exactly as it was...perfect. I couldn’t be happier to have worked with such a great person.
— Georgia Davis