Stallings Wedding


It all started when...

We first met our junior year in our old dorm. Curtis was a theater major and Mairi was an Art major, Curtis was extroverted and Mairi was not at all. We were all gathered for a game night and somehow Curtis convinced Mairi to play Settlers of Catan with a group which, for any of those who don’t know, is an endless game. Eventually Curtis won and then with some more convincing Curtis got Mairi to come sit in on his Romeo and Juliet rehearsal (fitting, I know). These rehearsal dates eventually continued into coffee at Waffle House at ungodly hours of night. While at first our friends and Mairi even believed that their differences were a little too much to make anything work somehow the differences turned into a really dynamic, inseparable duo and it kinda stuck. As we progressed through the following year it became more and more clear to both of us that we had not only stumbled upon something really profound, but something that was meant to keep going and going and going. We are over the moon to be entering into this new phase of our lives as we continue to foster a life of love and laughter.

Taylor is really amazing. His energy was incredible and kept the mood upbeat and positive throughout the evening. Our whole experience with him was relaxed, easy, and really just a lot of fun. We got back from our honeymoon and he already had the pictures done, so we already thought he was pretty good, and then we saw the photos and were blown away! He captured our wedding with beautiful detail that is just stunning. We’re pleased as punch
— The Stallings